Best portfolio websites to show up your artwork

 Everybody wants to show your work, but sometimes we don´t know how to do it or how to search for. This article will show some sites that helps you to join your portfolio images and show up for the world.

 First question is simple, what do you want?

 You need to know what your intention, why are you doing art? Is it for fun? Is it for living? Both?

We have a lot of websites all over the internet, most of them are similar, you will have the appearance, how your artwork will show up for the viewers and communities, and the hang outs, the areas that join the artists, like forums, groups and freelancer opportunities.
  1. ArtStation
  2. CubeBrush
  3. Behance
  4. ConceptartOrg
  5. Deviantart
  6. DrawCrowd
  7. ArtLords
 Before you start your account on the websites that i will share the links over the article, i will show up how to select your best works, the images that will reach the people and the attention.
 You can start with 10 images, 7 images, 1 images, there is no rule about that, because the numbers of artworks don´t tell how good your are. You may have 1 artwork well done and get attention and jobs, and have a lot of mid images, not so well, and no people looking at your work and no jobs. So you if have few pieces of artwork or a lot, don´t be nervous for that, just do your work with kind and propose that you will reach what you want.

 Imagine that you have 7 images that you like, first of all you need to select the best ones. For this task, just you is not enough, use your friends opinion too, facebook connections and other social medias as well, Ask for whats your best job, which do you like the most?  Why you like this one? Always look for good answers, with base information. You liked? Why?

 The following task is the order, the known method is, the best ones in the beginning (start with your best of the best) and in the final, the mid ones in the middle. Why this?

When you show up your work, the art directors, usually receives the material portfolio, and for the lack of time they pass through the pages fast, for this reason the first impressions and the last ones are very important until today when most part of the artworks are digital.

The websites below were collected by me along the years, my opinions over the sites are about own using experiences.

1. ArtStation
Website for artists that looking for game industry, films, entertainment. You can build your portfolio,looking and apply for jobs, you have magazines, challenge forums. The best one to start showing your art.

2. CubeBrush
Great forums, excellent reception over others users and art challenges. There are many tutorials and if you want sell your tutorials too has an open store.

3. Behance
A good site to achieve clients views, you have an option to select your artwork by projects and cases as a rolling blog post, usual for great clients and show up portfolio for audience.

4. ConceptartOrg
An excellent site initial freelancers opportunities, workshops, forums and sketchbook group that you can develop your art with other users, but a little bit hard to make posts.

5. Deviantart
A local to show up your portfolio and connect with art communities.

6. DrawCrowd
Super receptive for the users and a able to offer you a self store to start selling your art.

7. ArtLords
A good place to show up your artwork and increase your work view.

Always show up your art, if  you like what you do, if you want to work with you love, keep posting, keep updating, keep showing up, because to stay on-the game you need play-the game. If your world is art, always produce, always draw, everyday. Look for based criticizes and develop your art. Feel free to talk with me, my e-mail me. Hope this article helps you start growing up your talent and bring a glimpse of a great art future.

Art for us!


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